Flipping Flippant

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

You may have noticed a wee bit of jiggery pokery having taken place. Basically the last blog post I wrote is no more. It's zapped, kaput, ironed out (although I'm assured that it resides somewhere in Google's cache.)

A good friend suggested that given my current situation my last post was flippant. Firstly, every blog post I write, unless it concerns suicide or death, is flippant. If flippancy were a banned concept on my blog, I would have no blog.

So I guess in that sense it was flippant, but not carelessly flippant, or so I believed. I had intended to convey a message. But if it appeared carelessly flippant to him then it must have to others as well and for that reason I removed it.

Secondly, what I was trying to suggest was that this situation hasn't broken me. I'm still the same man that I was in January when my professional conduct attracted a different type of attention. But saving life is what a person in my employ gets paid to do....get over yourself. Insult a politician, however, and prepare your sorry arse for a flailing.

Anyway, the fact that I've spent hours upon hours with a cloth and a tin of Parade Gloss, going round and round in circles on my shoes, should be a demonstration of a lack of flippancy.

Bulling shoes is a well known concept in service personnel circles but for the uninitiated it involves spending forever rubbing shoe polish and spit into one's shoes to achieve a mirror-like shine. Then as soon as you put the shoes on your feet a good fifty percent of your hard work cracks and pings off onto the floor.

I also picked my undress uniform up from the dry cleaner's today. I have no idea why it's called an undress uniform because it's a dress uniform complete with rank markings and medals. It's a naval thing, I think.

The last time I spent this much time preparing my undress uniform it was in preparation to represent my employer at the Royal British Legion Annual Service of Remembrance at the Albert Hall.

How things change.

Anyhow, tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go. See you on the other side.


Dale Jamieson said...

best of luck

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