Sunday, 17 July 2011

Well, in terms of stressfullness that was about as tough as Brixton parking warden. I am disallowed from commenting on the detail of the Carpet Parade and each of the individuals that arrived at Meerkat Manor to testify to what a great bloke I am were instructed the same so don't expect too much detail from them either. Oh, by the way, if you are one of those that turned up to support me, the cheque's in the post.
(Nb: If you happen to be reading this and are in the employ of The Man, that was a money actually changed hands. Although I bought an awful lot of alcoholic beverage immediately after.)

But I have to report that on Friday morning I took roll call in South Chelsea to applause from my lads. Later I took my place in the chair in the mess where I always sit. It's not 'my chair' as we don't do designated places around the mess table at Battersea.....but it's the chair that I mostly sit in and bristle with concern when someone else sits in it.

Anyway, I'd like to claim that things are back to normal now but I have this feeling that I've been smashed about these past eight weeks and it'll take a little while to get over.

While I was at home and making like Steve McQueen in the cooler I had much time to think. I decided that if I returned to my role as a Station Officer at Battersea I would be a soft, fluffy Guv'nor that tolerates all the foibles of those around him.

That lasted a day.

It didn't take long to spark at a lack of courtesy and fairness and metaphorically slap one of my younger charges down.

Daddy's back.

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off now and prepare for my first night duty in eight weeks.