Waterman's Piratical Ramblings

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Until quite recently I didn't know what a podcast was. If pressed I suppose I might have hazarded a guess at it either being something horticultural or the misspelling of a list of performers from Lara Latex's Anal Adventures #4.

Then I underwent a rapid introduction when I was interviewed over a glass of vino by Lee Maclean for the West Highland Way Race podcast series (an introduction to podcasting, I should add.....I'm still waiting for the call from Lara Latex).

My foray into the world of podcasting was over in a flash, or so I thought. Then I received a request from John Kynaston to undertake a commitment to provide a regular contribution to the podcast series. I think I remember John saying something like:

'I'd like a bit of light relief, Dave. As a foil to the contributions from real runners.'

So after a day of forced marching to the top of Conic Hill with Lee Maclean, and on arrival at the summit believing I might have to carry out CPR as she lay on the grass, panting and clutching her chest, I sat down with a glass of vino (you're seeing the theme here, right? Essential for releasing ones creative talent, doncha know), I wittered on about running with Martin Hooper the Paratrooper in the first edition of a series I've entitled Waterman's Piratical Ramblings (not Piranical, John....that involves recording experiences with flesh eating shoals of tropical fish).

I would like to post the podcast here but either my Neo-Luddism prevents me or it is actually impossible.

So instead I've attached a link. If you've got an hour or so free, have a listen......unless of course you've rented a copy of Lara Latex's Anal Adventures #4.



Richard said...

Would it be fair to call you a 'fluffer' in the porn definition of the word and apply it to the WHW world? Keeping people's interest up in between action shots?

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